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medieval lands of EternusYou tighten the straps securly around your waist and then look out to see where you are. This large forest is filled with huge dark and ancient trees that rise hundreds of feet overhead. They appear to be shrouded with unnatural shadow causing them to take on dark and twisted shapes. The forest in this area is cold and damp, and filled with dark gloomy fog that hangs heavily over the area. It is dense and treacherous, with thick black twisted trees, exposed roots, and connected by spots of mud and dense moss vine covered ground. It is just like the dark uncharted places that you dreamed about as a child. They are filled with unknowable dangers and challenges, both forbidden yet filled with the promise of adventure and the rewards that come with it. Suddenly your elation turns to fear as the hair on the back of your neck stands up and for a moment and you feel like you are being watched.

eternus road to adventureThen suddenly the trees disappear and the wagon approaches a smooth cobblestone road taking you by surprise. You lurch to one side but the straps pull at you keeping you in place as the wagon makes a very sharp turn. One of the guards bangs his plate helm on the side of the cart and wakes with a start clutching at the poleaxe he has been hugging as he sleeps. So much for the armed security you were promised when you paid for your passage. It cost you almost everything that you had saved up to rent this caravan but it was worth every copper. You pat your pocket confirming that the three silver that you had before you dozed is still there. Contented you decide to look around a bit more.

The countryside here is filled with round hills with lush long blades of bright green grass. Off in the distance you can see two large sets of Mountains Ranges, one white and one pitch black. Suddenly a red tailed hawk swoops down to catch a rabbit near the brush line but it is too slow and it flies off to seek it's dinner elsewhere. "Next stop Chapelen." calls the gruff voice of the caravan leader from the front of the wagon. "Is this your first time in the city kid?" one of the guards asks. "I'm no kid." you answer, "I am an adventurer." He and the other guards share an awkward glance and then smile a crooked grin. "Sure thing kid." he says with a laugh. You climb out of the wagon and try not to look back as you walk away. You can hear them laughing behind you. This is nothing new. Everyone has told you that adventuring is just a daydream but now it is time they saw what you can do.

Eternus City of ChapelenAhead of you is a large town on the top of a hill that is surrounded by a twenty foot wall. The wall is divided by dozens of watchtowers placed every fifty feet. There appears to be a gate ahead of you with two guards. They appear to be stopping people as they enter. You stroll up to the guards at the entrance to the city. The city inside is partially visible through the gate. You marvel at the large stone buildings in the courtyard that surround a large fountain in the center. You are definitely not on the farm anymore.

"Hello traveler." Please come forward and declare any weapons and magic items so they may be bound if needed.

Choose one Response:
1) "Bound? What does that mean exactly?"
2) I don't like the sound of this binding thing. I'm going to try to hide my weapons.
3) "Sure in a second. First what is this place?"
4) "Sure if you say so." You hand him your sword and shield.
5) "Ok just a second. First I wanted to tell you that caravan driver has an attitude. I don't think he likes adventurers. You should warn people"
6) "Ok but first can I ask a question? Where can an adventurer find some work around here?"

New Store: Check out the 600+ unique new magical items at our new store that were just released for playtest.
New Class Powers: Find a bunch of new class powers to choose from. Every class has been expanded.
See Quick Start Guide: With new powers and items there has never been a better time to play.
Eternus is very excited to announce that we will be releasing three new Campaigns in the next few months. They will all be free to playtest for members of our site. Keep an eye out for new info and other releases.

See Quick Start Guide: Eternus is designed to be easy to play for the beginner while offering the expert RPG player the feel of real combat. Don't take our word, get in on the fun!
Our philosophy is that the rules should add to the fun or get out of the way. Our system encourages you to be creative. It doesn't try to diminish your natural ability to role-play, it enhances it. Opportunities to advance your character and gain an edge on your opponents abound in our system, take advantage of them when you can. See Tactics

If you have a hard time getting into character many elements of the system will lay a path of choices before you and encourages you to get in tune with your character naturally. See Characters


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